Fluffy Low Carb Souffle Pancakes

Fluffy Low Carb Souffle Pancakes

These fluffy souffle pancakes are great for breakfast, brunch, or dinner! They are sugar free and keto friendly. 

Fluffy Low Carb Souffle Pancakes 


3 egg whites 

2 egg yolks

20 mL heavy cream 

10 mL oil 

2 tbsp coconut flour 

½ tsp vanilla 

1 tsp lemon juice

30 g Impact Monk Fruit Erythritol Blend (link in bio to buy)


  1. Mix together egg yolks, heavy cream, and oil. 
  2. Add coconut flour to egg yolk mixture. Use a sieve to prevent lumps. 
  3. Use a mixer to beat the egg whites together. 
  4. Once frothy add the vanilla and lemon juice. 
  5. Add the Monk Fruit Erythritol Blend a little at a time and continue to beat egg whites until stiff peaks have formed. 
  6. Add half of the egg whites to the egg yolk mixture and mix until just combined. Add the other half of the egg whites until combined. 
  7. Use cooking spray to grease a pan set to low heat. Add two scoops of the batter to the pan with 1 tbsp of water and cover. Cook for 1 min. 
  8. Uncover and add another scoop to the top of the pancake, add 1 tbsp of water to the pan and cover. Cook for 1-2 more minutes. 
  9. Flip the pancake and add another 1 tbsp of water. Cook for 1-2 more minutes. 
  10. Serve and enjoy! 
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