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Erythritol (Granular) 25KG

Erythritol (Granular) 25KG

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impact your life.

Many people have found that consuming sugar leads to weight gain, tooth decay, inflammation, and other negative side effects. Other low-quality sugar substitutes taste bitter, have artificial ingredients, additives, and fillers. Erythritol is one of nature’s healthier, tastier solutions!

Use this erythritol instead of sugar. This zero-calorie sweetener looks, feels, and tastes like sugar without most negative effects.

directions for use.

Replace 1 cup of sugar with 1 1/3 cup of erythritol. You need a little extra because erythritol is roughly 70% as sweet as sugar.

Ideal for sprinkling, dipping, cooking, and topical applications. Dissolves easily in warm liquids, tea, coffee, cocoa, and more.

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